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Letters To The Editor

To read the story referenced, 7 Ways Electronics Quietly Harm Our Mental Health, click here.

I definitely believe this. As an example, very few really original stories are being written these days. There is more thought given to commercials on television than to story lines. Most of the books, movies, television shows and even music are about violence, illicit sex or some form of crude humor. Stupidity is being fed to our children from schools to the movies. The electronic games they play glamorize violence and criminality or violent fantasy worlds, wars with satanic figures and the like. And if that is not enough, in every medium there is an underlying theme that homosexuality is normal, not sinful. I am aghast at some of things my grandchildren learn in public schools, and just this morning I heard of a 26-year-old man stabbing his father to death in a public restaurant because they were at odds about who knows what, and I am willing to bet that young man honestly thinks he was in the right and his father was wrong and it was perfectly acceptable to kill to get what he wants. This seems to be a prevailing theme these days, and I know it is not all from electronics but it is all part and parcel of the same hideous pattern.



RF radiation is a class 2B carcinogen, according to the World Health Organization. The more time I spend on the computer. The worse I get physically and mentally.



It is too bad that all this high technology is what will eventually bring down our civilization. Between the so many ways the tech can fail to the distracted younger generations that are using the tech and the idiots the public schools produce, soon we will not have people who can maintain the tech. As Stephen King says, “fun is fun and done is done.”


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