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Letters to the Editor

Reader Shares Poison Ivy Spray Recipe

Editor’s note: Read the referenced story here.

I make a great poison ivy spray with jewelweed. I make an infusion and mix with witch hazel. I package it in spray bottles. Can be used as both preventative and treatment. Most people report immediate relief — spray where it itches when it itches, and healing within 24-48 hours. No need for expensive steroid shots or creams. People also use it for relief of bug bites, other skins irritations, and even minor burns.



Love the plants you mentioned. Dandelion flowers are good for skin salves, too. I infuse a big batch of oil and make the salve later. Very soothing!


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  1. In what proportions do you mix the jewel weed infusion and witch hazel? And what parts of the jewel weed plant do you use? Sounds like a great preparation and I’m eager to know more, especially since my home state of Texas is probably chigger capital of the know n world.

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