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Letters To The Editor

Readers React To Stewardship Story

I really appreciate the biblical emphasis on stewardship in your article. We are not owners in the truest sense of the word, the land has been given us – as was the land of Israel to the twelve tribes – and each had their allotment, but as stewards, not owners.

So many Christians fail to recognize this reality relative to all their possessions. Their job, home, family, resources available however received, and the list goes on, are all God’s and we are His stewards. No wonder He will judge us faithful or faithless in carrying out our tasks/resources He has entrusted to us (Mt 25:14-30).

We will ultimately answer to God for the stewardship we have exercised over these gifts He has given when we stand before Him at the judgment. I want to give a good account of my use of all He has given me – whatever that might be.

‘Son Of Liberty’


What a beautiful devotional as well as wise and helpful thoughts about caring for the land…and other areas of stewardship. You have also affirmed my trust in your Off The Grid newsletter, by giving the glory to our Lord in using Scripture to establish your authority… Thank you.



I totally agree with what you have written. God enlightened me further for my own situation. I do not cultivate literal land. However my “land” is where God has placed me and He expects me to be faithful to cultivate and care for the land that He has given me. God requires that I carefully tend the garden that He has given me so that others in my employment can benefit from the harvest. I have to be faithful, not reckless, in my decisions. My decisions affect not just me and my family but everyone whose life I touch.



Regarding: What To Do With All Those Tomatoes?

Stick with me, because this is quite a story.  My husband and I used to plant a huge garden every year, and we raised much more than we could ever use.  So we would freeze as much as we could in our two large freezers.  Each year we would take a truckload of frozen produce to our local homeless shelter and put it in their freezers for them.  One year we were completely blindsided and sickened, when we were told that they had thrown away all we donated every year, because the federal government would not allow them to accept anything frozen.  Only fresh produce was allowed.  With our huge load of produce, we drove around aimlessly, hoping to figure out something to do with it.  We drove past a church, and there was a woman taking a walk on the grounds.  When we asked her if anyone she knew could use the produce, she took us to her house and had us wait while she went inside to make a call.  Turned out she was the pastor’s wife, and knew just who we needed to see.  She then led us to a rural house not far from the church.  There was a young woman inside, who came running out when we drove up.  She was crying and began hugging us. It turned out that she and her husband had adopted two Russian orphans, one of whom was crippled with Spina Bifida.  They were trying to raise these two girls, along with their own children.  That very morning, she had been down on her knees in the barn, praying.  It seems she was trying to decide between buying food for the children, or taking the little girl to the doctor for treatment.  We gave her all the produce.  Then we went to pick up a hog that we had had butchered.  We brought back half of it for them.  This lovely mom gathered in that produce, and because they didn’t have a freezer she made huge batches of soup and other things, and her and the children canned it all.  I have never been so humbled by what we witnessed that day.



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