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Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor,

I read your reasons for not canning cabbage, and the first thing I thought about was, “Hey, what about Sauerkraut?”

I make it all the time, it can be canned once the basic fermenting is done, and you can keep it on the shelf, stable, for months or even years. I have gotten so I won’t even eat the store bought stuff, it all tastes of vinegar, so much so that its natural flavor is masked by the vinegar.

You can find recipes or instructions for everything from crocks of it, to making it in the quart jar, which is how I make it. It’s easy, works well. W all enjoy it, even my daughter, whose only response after the first store bought taste, was, “No Way!” Now, she happily eats it, as long as daddy makes it.

Happy Cabbage Eater


Dear Happy Cabbage Eater,

Well, I have to admit, I have had my comeuppance this week! My thinking was too linear and boxed in when I responded to the cabbage email, as evidenced by all the cabbage emails that flooded my inbox after Monday’s newsletter went out! I was thinking strictly canning cabbage so it could be eaten boiled, not as in sauerkraut, which is fermented and a whole ‘nother ballgame… and I should have. You guys have me one over and I concede defeat! 🙂

So, to all those who wonder if one can store cabbage in a jar, the answer is “Yes, as sauerkraut.” It, along with many, many other foods can be fermented for safe storage and the resulting food is chock full of amazing probiotics that are wonderful for the maintenance of health and vitality.

Solutions From Science, our parent company, will be coming out with a new offering in their book store titled Fermentation Factor quite soon. We’ve been working on this one a long time, and this book is a cornucopia of fermentation facts and recipes for a lot of different foods. Look in your inbox for the email announcing its arrival soon.

The Editor



Dear Editor,

Just want to say how much I enjoy the Off the Grid Newsletter! I am so grateful to you not only for putting it out, but for not charging to receive it. Like so many others, I have a limited income so probably could not afford such a valuable resource if you charged for this. When I am able, I do take advantage of your store to make purchases.

As I was reading again the Obama quote about small businesses “not doing it on our own,” one phrase I don’t hear many comments about struck me. The part where he states, “Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.” Is this a precursor to requiring payment to use the Internet, or charging taxes on use of or purchases on the Internet? Just wondering.

Have a great and blessed week!


Dear Betty,

Thank you for the kind words you had for Off the Grid News. We have a lot of people working really hard to bring our readers news and information they can use. As for the Internet quote from President Obama, I would have to say that regardless of who is in office or who sits in Congress, if they’ve been there long enough, there is a natural disconnect from the people who sent them there and yes, there has never been a new law, a new regulation, or a new tax hike a career politician hasn’t loved. There have been rumblings under the surface for years now about use taxes, sales tax, or a national tax on Internet sales, and in these cash-strapped times, I can almost assure you that some sleazy politician is looking at the Internet as a way to bring in revenue instead of reigning in his budget excesses. To me, that’s why elections are so important, that’s why term limits are so important, and why we, as citizens, must take control of our political process again.

Thank you for writing and God bless!

The Editor


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