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Letters To The Editor

How Government Keeps the Masses In Line

Dear Off the Grid News,

In regard to your email for, you forgot three facets of society that must be controlled to achieve total control: the military, the exchange of information (media, education, entertainment), and transportation.  Those three, along with currency and food, have been the historical five that dictators from Rome to Hitler to Castro to the deceased Chavez used to keep the masses in line

The only reason I felt I should write to you about this is because so many people look to the info you provide as reliable, and because so many in our country under thirty years of age are products of public education and have not learned how to question and find their own information.

Hope you all have a good week,



Dear Charles,

You are right in that dictatorial control is a multi-faceted beast, and those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Unfortunately, our country as a whole is no more “enlightened” than our ancestors, because we are being led hook, line, and sinker down the same path. It’s as the writer of Ecclesiastes said: “…there is nothing new under the sun.”

May your week be blessed as well!

The Editor


Materials to Use for a Faraday Saferoom?

Dear Off the Grid News,

I’ve been a reader of your site for some time now, and have gleaned much useful information from many of your articles, especially those regarding EMPs and the use of Faraday cages to deter their effects. I have a question. In the making of a Faraday saferoom, what materials would be the best to use? Could I use chicken wire, as I heard it could be a good Faraday material, or should I use Mylar or copper mesh? I would really appreciate any information you could give me.

God bless you, and thank you for your time!



Dear Ron,

Because we really don’t have a frame of reference as to what an EMP attack will do (the experts can only speculate, anticipate, and pretty much, just give it their best guess as to what occur with modern electronics), we can only go so far in our advice to you. There are excellent resources I have found on the Internet and here are a few that should help you. Be sure to click on relevant links in the articles for more information.

There is also a book put out by Don White and Jerry Emanuelson about how to protect your family, homes, and community from an EMP attack. I’ve not personally purchased the book, but their articles on about EMP events make me believe that the book will be valuable in assisting you. The web address for the book is:

Thank you for writing!

The Editor


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  1. Hi,

    I want to make a connection with you! My organization is dedicated to ‘homegrown food on every table’ iwth an emphasis on the survival / prepper / homesteader.

    I was featured on Dooms Day Preppers as an expert in sustainable living in the season finale of year 2.

    Would you be interested in reviewing a copy of my video set “Grow Your Own Groceries”? I’ll get you a copy.

    Send me an email and lets get connected.


    Marjory Wildcraft

    A freind of mine was posting up some of my articles on yoru stie a while ago.

  2. OTG Folks: I’m looking at a 4 page article I printed out which you published yesterday entitled “Harvest Your Cool Garden Crops in 60 Days” which has a list of approximately 13 or 14 crops to grow in the fall which I wanted to purchase, however, I have searched for it in my emails but cant’ find it anywhere and it’s also not on your fine looking website so could someone in your sales office please contact me and take my order for these vegetables?

    I believe the price for this order was stated as being around $24.95 + S&H, of course!

    Thanks much, Bob Stack

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