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Even More Uses For Castor Oil

If you have dry, maybe cracking feet, put castor oil on them, then socks, then go to bed. I wait until I’m in bed to put the oil on because they are slippery. This really does work.



A few years ago my husband was diagnosed with bi-lateral deep vein thrombosis from groin to the bottom of his feet. During his 17-day stay, his doctor told me to go to a sprouts store and get “cold pressed” castor oil. When I got back to the ICU the doctor proceeded to show me what she wanted done; we soaked ABD pads with it and laid them over his extensive/massive hematomas. Within three days most of the bruising was almost gone. We here amazed it worked!! His doctor is not a fly by night; she is world renown. We just lucked out and she was on-call in the ER when we got there. Saved his life.


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