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Letters To The Editor

More Survival Items That Should Be In Your Safe

To read the story referenced, “8 Personal Items That Should Be In Your Safe Right Now,” click here.

I would like to include with the important documents — lists of allergies, medicines and doctors. Although this should also be backed up off site, with family or trusted friends having a printed copies of medical info. That can be useful in disruptive events. If there is a widespread power outage, getting such crucial information could be very difficult and affect treatment times.
My family and I live in an area with common power outages, and this kind of thing has happened.



After almost 30 years in the justice system I can say that unless you get a safe that is immovable due to its weight or securely bolt down one of the small safes (like the one they show in the article), it is just plain stupid to put anything of value in them. Burglars always pick them up, walk away with them and open them at their leisure. Even bolting one to a stud can be a waste of time as a pry-bar will often be enough to crack a wooden stud enough to pull the safe away from the wall. Invest in a quality safe and you won’t regret it.


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