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Letters To The Editor

In response to The Single Most Forgotten Survival Item

I buy sneakers, boots, sandals and even dress shoes the next 3 sizes up and store them in a bin for my kids. Doing this gives me the opportunity to thrift or yard sale find many things for a dollar or less that are in excellent shape because hey who else is looking to buy that pair of boots that ended up being the wrong size for your kid in your July yard sale. …

I do the same with clothing. Not always seasonal stuff because with kids it’s hard to know but in our house jeans, dress pants, dresses/skirts, tee shirts, dress shirts, hoodies and sleepwear get used all year round and we supplement with things like tights or extra layers for cold weather so I again thrift or yard sale these items for my kids in larger sizes when I find them for a dollar or less.

I do buy all socks and underwear brand new but again I buy them when they are on really good sales or clearance and I buy in bulk. … Hats, coats gloves etc. are also stocked up on here. They currently wear 1 size larger than they need so they can layer under them but I always have the next 2 sizes up ready to go when we need them.

I compress the extra clothing in vacuum storage bags and store them in a bin for each child so it takes up less space over all. I should mention I have a 12 outfit rule and at least 3 dress outfits (church, weddings, funerals etc) they have enough clothes to make 12 outfits and it could be mix and matched to make more possibilities if they want. This keeps down on clothing clutter immensely!


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  1. Enjoyed the article on solar heating as far as it went. Presuming you live in an area that has cold winter temperatures, what do you do to keep the water from freezing and bursting your pipes during a long cold/overcast spell?
    I have the ideal place for a system that would heat both shop and house for almost nothing but it would take about 200 gallons of antifreeze to freeze proof the system.
    Thanks; Keith

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