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Letters To The Editor

Readers Sound Off On Mandate Vaccinations


To read the story referenced, “Movement Grows To Jail Anti-Vaccination Parents,” click here.

This is outrageous to demand parents to vaccinate their children or go to jail! Parents and parents only know what’s right for their children and their children alone. Commentators do not know what’s right for other people’s children! That measles outbreak….if you look close enough was probably from all the illegals you have in your state. … I happen to know of children who received vaccinations and are now autistic from them. So commentators….mind your own business!!



All one has to do is ask for the insert from the package the vaccine came with. That has the list of ingredients that are in the vaccine. Sadly, many vaccines still contain mercury, among other things harmful such as animal DNA.



My eldest son received his first set of shots as prescribed and had such a horrible reaction. Both of his legs swelled up and were hard as rocks for a few days. His fever peaked at 104.5, and he cried literally non-stop for three days. The stupid doctor kept telling me it was all normal and to just give him some infant Tylenol. He refused to report my son’s reaction to the CDC or vaccine manufacturers. I had to report it. Not only that, but I have had to go with a personal belief exemption because the doctor would not agree that there was an adverse reaction.

Because of this, none of my other children received anything other than DPT as young children. My two teenagers are now getting vaccinated slowly, and by the time they graduate HS they will be all up to date and ready to explore the world. I am not anti-vaccine, I just believe that the recommended schedule should be adjusted. Ultimately, though, it is up to each individual family.



How can a non-vaccinated person start an outbreak to people that have been vaccinated if the vaccine works? The vaccine is supposed to make them have immunities to the outbreak. If your vaccinated child dies from the measles and my non – vaccinated child lives how are you better off being vaccinated? Not trying to sound harsh or morbid but the proof that they are affective is flawed.



It’s not the vaccinated kids that are getting sick. It’s the non-vaccinated kids and the ones that are really being hurt by all of this [and] are the ones with compromised immune systems that can’t be vaccinated.