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Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor,

I’m like the lady who wrote about her husband and her church not listening or really concerned about what’s happening in the world. There continues to be this nagging notion in my thoughts and beliefs that something is going to happen and I had better be prepared for me and my family, and perhaps my neighbors who are blinded by what is going on in America and the world. They keep saying it’s been worse then this, but if they read any history, they will know that’s not true! As an old Scout leader, I continue to express our motto about being prepared. I do not plan to allow some politicians somewhere in either Washington or the world, to do my speaking or planning for me and my family. Does anyone realize that in January 2012, more than 10,000 new laws were passed to control Americans? I just finished reading a book on George Washington and the motto for that night for the crossing of the Delaware was “Victory or death.” Pretty good words for me and my family to follow. Here is another one: “Give me liberty or give me death.” Thanks for letting me have my say. We’re not crazy, we are just trying to protect our family and our country. Thanks for letting me have my say.


Dear Ed,

Thank you for your letter. There are many passionate people such as yourself throughout our country who love her and despair of the conditions in which we find ourselves today. As you say so eloquently… people aren’t crazy, they’re just trying to protect their families and the country that they love. There are so many ways we can effect the things that are going on. While national elections garner the most attention, it’s only through the local and state elections that we can hope to see change. Washington has shown that it is hopelessly gridlocked, self-serving, and partisan. Only through the state levels can we begin to push back to take control of our lives. The states have much more power than they realize. It’s time we educate our legislators and convince them to fight the good fight.

The Editor



Dear Editor,

I am trying to learn all I can about gardening. I read a great deal and talk with other gardeners, but I wonder if you know of any programs available that can help me learn gardening techniques. I know I could take some college courses, but I’m not really interested in spending that kind of money.

Thank you,


Dear Jean,

The American Horticultural Society has a link to all the Master Gardener programs in the United States on their website. This program involves a small fee and consists of an intense training course coupled with volunteer hours spent in the field assisting the local County Agent with horticultural issues. While you will learn about all types of plants—ornamental as well as food types—the education you receive is wonderful. Some extension service offices have a choice to learn sustainable living techniques as well (Arizona, for example). The options vary from state to state. Go to and click on your state’s link to find the programs available to you.

The Editor

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