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Letters To The Editor

What Winter Survival Tip Would You Recommend To Others?

I have hunted out West for over 40 years. One thing I have not seen from anyone is to wrap butane lighters with several feet of duct tape (for fire starter). It comes in very handy when needed and takes up no space at all. I always carry 3 lighters in my bag and that never leaves my possession when on the road, or in the woods.



Have each person have a small survival bag at their place of work or school. A couple power bars, matches dipped in wax, bottle of water at a minimum. The idea is for each to have survival gear in the event something happens and they cannot get home, and people are separated. At least each would have a fighting chance with some basics. Throw it in a locker, bottom drawer of desk, etc.



As a vet and an off-the-grid individual one tip that I would give to someone in a winter survival situation without power would be warmth. Without a heat source you cannot function properly and will die, and you cannot cook your food. There’s nothing worse than freezing and your young children shaking from the frozen temperature and saying, “Daddy, I’m cold and hungry.” First you must be ahead of this game which I have learned many years ago. You need dry tender or kinlin. That means before you need it you should collect it and keep it dry. Even if you have to pack it with you in an outside on the go situation. Always be looking for dry tender. Second, you need a fuel source which is good dried-out seasoned or dead wood. It is also very useful if you know what species of wood you’re using, because some wood burns better and throws off more heat if you have to resort to using a wood stove due to power outages. After you have a good fuel source, you need to collect a lot of it to keep a sufficient heat source. When you think you have enough, collect twice as much. There is nothing worse than waking up cold and your fire is out and you have no more firewood or it’s all wet. The moral of this story is know your wood or heat source and be ahead of the game and believe in Murphy’s Law. Survival is a skill that should be practiced and honed for better results. I myself have lived off the grid and lived this way for years and still have not perfected anything.




  1. Please provide me with contact information. We publish a weekly (print only) newspaper in Oregon. In our sixth year of publication, we now have paid subscribers in all fifty sates and the territory of Guam. I would very much like permission to feature, from time to time and with proper accreditation of course, stories from your publication, starting this week with the illegal to live off grid story. Please contact me as soon as possible.

    David Jaques, Publisher
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    • We, also, are wondering if it might be possible for us to republish your articles on our website from time to time ?
      (The one about living off the grid in Fla. and the judge’s ruling caught my eye.)
      We are a fledgling site that is growing rather quickly and have many people that visit the site regularly and also blog there on occasion.
      We feel that adding your newsletters from time to time would help get out your message to more of the masses and at the same time bring visitors to our website and yours. Hopefully, it would be a win/win.
      The site is called and you are more than welcome to take a look to determine if this is something you might be interested in.
      As we said, it has stories covering a panacea of topics and has two chat areas that receive upwards of 7,000 page views daily and we believe that this would be a wonderful opportunity for your message to cast a wider net by allowing us to reprint your material.

      Thanks for your time,

      Nick Vanocur
      [email protected]

      Keith Lennox
      [email protected]

  2. Please fix your current newsletter. Nothing works when clicked to read one of the articles and miss the valuable information you provide. I look forward to receiving the newsletter and keep “saving as new” to read virtually every word over a period of days. Please help. I am going into withdrawl.

  3. There was a recent article about a woman who created a flashlight powered by human body heat at When you guys start carrying this item, let us know! Looks like it might be a great product for preparedness types, and just the average homeowner caught in a blackout.

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