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Letters To The Editor

More Ways To Make Your Wood-Burning Stove Last Forever

To read the story referenced, “How To Ensure Your Wood-Burning Stove Lasts Forever,” click here.

I started one of the first chimney sweep businesses in the US about 40 years ago and will tell you the chimney sweeping logs were a BAD idea 40 years ago and still BAD today. They can damage your masonry and your stainless chimneys. Keeping your chimney clean is the ONLY way to prevent a chimney fire. When I sold my business we had over 6,000 yearly customers, so I have seen it all. Clean it yourself or call a chimney sweep.



I cleaned my own chimney from the ground on a thru-wall installation. Now I have a thru-roof installation. If you are afraid of heights, get over it. Never decide to get on your roof on a windy day. I got my brush and screw-on handles from the same place I bought chimney pipe — insulated of course. I am 64. If I can do this, most people can!



I used to use a wet rage dipped in the ashes to easily and quickly clean the glass of my fireplace door and never saw a scratch on the glass.



  1. Question: Have you ever done an article about converting bicycles to two wheeled load bearing vehicles? The Vietnamese did this a lot for portaging the Ho Chi Minh trail. The converted bike will haul nearly a ton of goods. If you haven’t done such an article, why not? Should be interesting. Thanks, Bill Johnson

  2. I am so grateful for your article post.Really looking forward to read more. Great.

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