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Letters To The Editor

More Ways Your Ancestors Stayed Warm

To read the story referenced, “Crazy-But-Smart Ways Our Ancestors Stayed Warm During Winter,” click here.

In the late 50s I remember my father walking to the bus stop to go to work as he would leave the car for my mother who had us children at home. My father wore an overcoat with deep pockets. On very cold days even though he had gloves, my mother would hard boil two eggs. My father would put his gloves on, put a hot hard-boiled egg in each hand, put his hands in his pockets and walk to the bus stop. Later, dad would eat the hard-boiled eggs with the rest of his lunch.



Bricks, rocks and potatoes could all be heated and used in transit to keep hands and feet warm. The potatoes had the added benefit of being eaten before they totally cooled off. The same hot bricks could be wrapped in cloth and placed in the foot of the bed to preheat it and keep feet warm.



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