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Letters To The Editor

Off-Grid Living Declared Illegal, Again?

To read the story referenced, “Another Court In The U.S. Has Ruled Off-Grid Living Illegal,” click here.

Localities make all sorts of dumb laws. Fortunately, it’s very easy to move into a new one.

You would expect a little more freedom in a place like Huntsville, though.



The city owns the utilities. Need I say more? In spite of what the city says, it’s not about health or safety. It’s about money. If he gets away with this, other people will do the same thing. And the city loses all of that money. As with so many things; follow the money.

Not So Free


To read the story referenced, “6 Livestock You Can Raise On Just 1/4 An Acre,” click here.

Make sure you have the stomach for harvesting rabbit or goat for their meat. Know how to dispatch an animal in a humane merciful manner. But, I found it way too difficult for me. I can do the chicken and down a deer with one shot 30/30. Knock off a few squirrels or catch some fish. But, those pigmy goats and furry rabbits just pull at my heart, more than my stomach. Meat does not need to be the center of every meal anyway.


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