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Letters to the editor

A Less-Than-Lethal Shotgun Round?

I currently own firearms, and one of the primary reasons I own these firearms is for self-defense. That being said, I hope and pray that I never have to make that decision to use lethal force. Along with all the legal hassles and complications that will come with that decision, I will also have to live with the burden of taking a life, something no gun owner wants to do, despite what the liberals say. I was once told that one of the most frightening sounds a person can hear is the cocking of a shotgun. I hope that if the time comes, that sound alone will be enough to send the intruder running. IF not, it would be nice to know I could choose to use a less-than-lethal round. Ideally, I would load one or two less-than-lethal rounds followed by the lethal rounds. If the bean bags, or rubber shot pellets don’t stop the criminal, then I guess I just have to rely on the lead. I always tell people, that the best possible outcome for any gun owner is to draw the weapon and never have to fire it. Everyone leaves alive and the gun did its job; it protected.


One comment

  1. By the time you feel the need to pull a weapon you’re already in a life threatening situation. If the sound of a shell being chambered doesn’t end the threat, take the trash out. Don’t prolong the situation with beanbags or rubber pellets. An armed confrontation is a winner take all proposition (the winner lives).

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