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Letters To The Editor

Coffee Storage Suggestion

In response to the letter to the editor about coffee, several readers wrote in with suggestions and advice…

Dear Editor,

In answer to the one who wrote about storing coffee, I have my coffee in metal cans, not bags. I have had much of it for years and when I open a new can it is fresh. I keep it in the refrigerator, which keeps the oils from going rancid, so my answer to her is to buy in cans, not bags.



Dear Editor,

I just read a question one of your readers had about coffee. Green coffee beans do not need to be vacuum stored or have oxygen absorbers. Bulk green beans will come in a burlap type bag which is suitable for storage. The beans only require a cool environment with good air flow. They can be roasted with a popcorn popper over an open flame, but should be roasted outside as they give off a lot of smoke. You can roast them indoors with a good coffee bean roaster. The beans should be allowed to rest two to three days before grinding and brewing. After roasting they will store best in an air-tight stainless steel container.

But one warning—I researched this for some time before I took the leap into green bean roasting. I orderedsome Colombian Supremo, bought a decent roaster. Left my beans to rest as instructed, then had my first cup of home-roasted coffee. I had read how this was so much better than store bought coffee. With my first sip I was expecting some orgasmic coffee bliss. I cannot express to you my disappointment when my coffee tasted…just like coffee!

But my original intent was not to become a coffee snob, but to have coffee available, when and if the SHTF. That objective has been accomplished. The taste was good, but after all, it was just coffee.

I get my beans from and I have been very pleased with their product and service.



Dear Editor,

In reference to your article on how to store coffee for the long term, what about instant or freeze-dried coffee? If you store it in the proper container, would it not last for a long time? Most come in a plastic jar but seems to me it should last longer in a glass jar that was adequately sealed.




Thank you everyone! We appreciate the feedback from our readers!


Turning A Stove Into A Dehydrator Or Solar Oven?

Dear Editor,

Has anyone ever turned an old stove into a solar oven or a dehydrator or both? Please let me know.

Thank you,



Dear JB,

I have researched and researched but I cannot find anyone that claims to have turned an old stove into a dehydrator or solar oven. I’ve found plenty of information about turning an old refrigerator into a dehydrator, but nothing else. If any of our readers know of any plans out there for this, write in. We’ll be sure to share it in a future newsletter.

Thanks for writing!

The Editor


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