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Letters To The Editor

Dear Editor,

Being a Christian, I have faith that the Lord will get me and mine through anything. But, sometimes God’s method is a warning to prepare.

Preface: I’m not someone who usually “hears from God,” okay?

But, about a year ago, I was sitting in my back yard, just looking up at the night sky. Living in a small town, the view is usually pretty cool. That usually gives me a sense of peace and connectedness with the Lord. But, instead of peace, I sensed an urgency within – it isn’t easy to describe – that was like a warning. I felt, rather than heard, the Lord say that I had 1 to 3 years to prepare for difficult times. It was very surreal and strange.

Yes, I’ve already been apprehensive about the direction the country is going. But, I never have been a person to “do prepping.” It would simply not have occurred to me. Part and parcel of my basic worldview has been that the fabric of society would survive anything (although this assumption was never thought through). But, in the last year, my wife and I have been preparing in ways we wouldn’t have ever dreamed. Storage food is past 3 months and growing; 3 weapons and growing stocks of ammo; garden going well; fenced the yard for security; getting in shape; planning a bug-out option for worst case. We’ve really just changed our family culture to one of preparedness. But, it will probably take the whole 3 years to get there (2 left?).

So, what do you think is the possibility that a major “event” will happen within the next 2 years? I’m talking about a major hyperinflation, a depression, or an economic dislocation that could be a TEOTWAWKI event. God will keep us through it regardless, but I’d like to get your sense on this.

Has anyone else felt this?

Praying and Prepping in Texas

Dear Texas,

You’re not the only one given these internal prompts. Like you, I don’t hear an audible voice so much as a disquiet in my spirit, a direction, and sense of purpose.  I believe God is positioning His people to be able to minister and tend to the needs of a world that is going to be spiraling more and more out of control. I believe the Church is at its best when it is in adverse conditions, when it is struggling and surviving, not on its own works and merits, but strictly through the grace and direction of God. I believe people like you are being prepared to minister in ways you never dreamed about. How plausible do I feel a major event is? If I didn’t think it possible tomorrow, I would not be here trying to provide information to all our readers today. God bless, and continue preparing!

The Editor



Dear Editor,

I’m new to this and am on a fixed income. I have saved several varieties of vegetables, berries and fruit tree seeds from the organic foods I purchase at Whole Foods. My common sense tells me these seeds should be very good to plant since they are organic (non-hybrid) RIGHT???? I have been using square foot gardening and Internet sites for preparing my seeds. Any input?


Dear Flo,

Organic seeds you save are not necessarily heirlooms. Organic means only one thing: that the original seed-producing plant was grown according to organic standards. It has nothing to do with being or not being a hybrid plant and there’s really no way to tell. A few varieties of heirloom seeds can be found at your local big-box retailer, online at Heirloom Solutions (for example, a packet of tomato seed is $5). By purchasing those seed that you know are heirloom, you’ll ensure that you’re not taking a chance on raising a sterile crop of leafs and stems.

Continue to scour the Internet for information on gardening and growing. We have lots of articles on the site, and many of our readers enjoy offering hints and tips if you wanted to put out questions on our Facebook page. In fact, we encourage all our fans to post any question you want answered up there and see if some of the more experienced gardeners can’t give you some tips to make things easier. You can find us on Facebook at

The Editor

If you’d like to contact the editor, please send an email to [email protected]

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