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Letters To The Editor

Vegetables You Can Grow During Winter

To read the story referenced, 8 Snow-Hardy Vegetables You (Really) Can Grow During Winter, click here.

I keep kale, chard, carrots and beets in my garden all winter. This year I’m trying lettuce with a plastic cover. So far, so good.



I live in zone 6. I haven’t tried all the plants listed but I got spinach and cabbage to live through winter with heavy mulch. The foliage died back, but ree-merged in early spring. Two veggies I grow regularly through winter with only a few inches of wood mulch that are not listed are onions and daikon radishes. I’ve tried the past two winters to grow carrots and lettuce, but both times failed. I’m going to keep trying, though. I’m just not protecting them enough.



  1. We have a 3-season sunroom on the southeast side of our home. I bought a large plastic storage box and filled it with potting soil, using the lid for a “saucer” underneath it. I grow lettuce and spinach in this during the winter since they will withstand the cold nights we get here in Delaware. I also bring in my pots of mint and rosemary and put them in the porch. It is a great feeling to step out the door when the snow is on the ground and cut fresh greens and herbs.

    Seems like carrots, beets, onions, etc. would also do well like this.

    D in DE

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