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letters to the editor

Another Reason Goats May Be Better Than Cows

I’d like to add a little more to this subject, that some may find repulsive: goats as food.

The truth is goats are a GREAT size for most common families.

Even a small person can dress out a goat and prepare it for the family’s supper that night fairly easily.

Not so with a beef! Butchering a 1,200-pound beef is a BIG, HARD and TOUGH job!

It takes special equipment and back-breaking work to process well.

Goats are fun and versatile.

For example, when our children were younger and we went on trail rides, they rode goats while we rode horses.

— ‘Wildfire’


  1. I really like the idea of your solor water distiller, but I find that your post is somewhat fauge for me. Do you have a much more detailed plan that I can download or obtaine in some way?? It surely would be helpful for me.
    Is there another way to contact grid news??

    Thanks john

  2. I need to know things about u for a project I’m doing in school please help me

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