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Letters To The Editor

Puffball Mushrooms Are Delicious Off-Grid Food!


To read the story referenced, “The Easy-To-Spot Giant Mushroom That Can Feed An Entire Family,” click here.


Just found one of these last evening in my goat’s pen area. I had no idea I could eat it but it is getting washed now and I’m trying some of these recipes. I love it!

Jennie B.


Great article. I discovered puffball mushrooms this year. After walking past them for about a week, letting some of them go bad while I researched if they were edible, I finally harvested about 4-5 of them from the size of a softball and larger.

I had plenty to last me a couple of weeks. The recipes above look good. I used mine even for breakfast. Fried up some slices in olive oil, till the outside was a little crisp, and then ate them like pancakes.

Being diabetic, I miss pancakes. So I really enjoyed my breakfast with butter and sugar free syrup on them.


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