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Letters To The Editor

It seems that the letter from a reader regarding canola oil triggered a response from several other readers. We decided to take this week to share a couple of those letters with you.

Dear Editor:

I want to first say that I have received more help from this newsletter than all others. You are all greatly appreciated!!!

Now, to the canola oil problem I feel compelled to address. I first became aware in January 1996, upon reading in a health book, that “soybean oil is toxic to the human body, and canola oil is 100 times more toxic than soybean oil,” (speaking of course inside the body–outside the body is a different matter). Both are “industrial” oils, lubricants. Heat canola oil (or soy) and it becomes gummy as it thickens–especially after they cool. Not so with olive oil, butter, or lard–putting them in a skillet and you will observe that they become thinner. If someone wants to believe that “processing” an industrial oil can make a “fit-for-consumption” oil, then that’s their health/organs/vessels to deal with. If I am wrong about it being a lubricant oil as well as usually GMO as you have stated, along with highly toxic, I’d like to know how that can be done from the “rapeseed.” Check into most any health food store and you will find canola the more widely-used oil, even in their fresh-baked breads–even the ones that used to have only olive oil. I might add, should I forget to ask in a restaurant before consuming food with canola, my body will tell me by way of its intolerance (not an allergy) by getting a headache within 2 hours of eating. I rest my case. Thank you for letting me vent my findings on this, one of the most widely and hidden dangers to our health.


Dear S-

Thank you so much for taking the time to write. We all must take control of our health and the things we consume. Too much genetic manipulation and using things for food sources that were never meant to be is a constant hazard to our overall health and well-being.

The Editor



Dear Editor,

I enjoy your articles very much, especially the one about the structure of water. There is so much to learn about this wonderful substance, water.

Regarding the question from a reader asking whether canola oil is GMO.  People also need to know that they should not believe the hype that tries to tell us canola oil is “healthy oil.” Not only is canola GMO, it is toxic! Canola oil comes from rapeseed, a toxic weed that is common along the roadsides of Canada.


Dear J-

Thank you for your response and the link for more information on canola oil. And thanks to all our readers for taking the time to write us!

The Editor

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