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Letters To The Editor

Local government column

I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoyed reading Paul Dorr’s column, “Beating Back Local Government.” If we are truly to take back our government, we must begin at the local government and get our “hands dirty” – and not sit on the couch hoping things will change.  This country was not lost overnight and it won’t be won back overnight. Let’s get involved people!


Dear Julie,

Thanks so much for writing! For those who missed it, Paul’s column can read here.

The Editor


  1. Please tell Stansberry Research that if they expect people to actually absorb all the information they present in their infomercials they need to do three things: (1) provide a pause button for the audio presentation, (2) provide a timer to show how much time is left on a presentation, and (3) provide the full transcript so people can read it at their leisure. Otherwise, I am sure I’m not the only one, people will stop the presentation and in future skip the entire thing when it appears in their email in-box.

  2. I just followed your link to the stansbury letter on what the best thing to have in a crisis is. I have to tell you that you really should have done some research before promoting that guy. Please follow this link to get the real scoop on this “proven” scammer as I don’t think you really want to be associted with or be promoting him to your readers. Had I not checked him out, I could have fallen for his scams and lost every dime I have. Please do research before backing someone because I do read your newsletter and I need to know you are doing your home work before backing some one. Please follow this link:‎Cached

    I am not interested in posting this comment. I simply want to make you aware that this is a problem you need info on.

    • Thank you for posting this, Teresa. As it turns out, I just didn’t want to sit through an endless screed to find out what the danger was, so I stopped the presentation. It occurs to me that forcing people to watch an unstoppable presentation like that is a way for them to pre-screen applicants. That is to say that if you sit through the entire presentation, then you are demonstrating your susceptibility to being scammed. Perhaps one reason why they don’t just post the entire transcript is because viewers would scan down to the end to see what the pitch is without investing any time into it. Only those who are willing to wait for the entire presentation to finish are the ones who might be persuaded to act on what they’ve heard. Yikes!

  3. well, just tried to follow your ad to “77 things you must hoard Immediately.” Took me to a squeeze page newsletter but no way to down load the free information as promised.

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