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A History Rewritten

Is it any surprise that with the shredding of the American Constitution and the removal of our Christian heritage in the public sphere that even now tour guides for important historical artifacts can’t get it right? It’s rather disheartening, especially when one knows that the Founder’s plan was a country built upon the precepts of the Christian faith, and that in today’s society, that faith is mocked and repudiated at every turn.

Pastor Todd DuBord, chaplain for Chuck Norris’s enterprises, was part of an American Heritage tour recently, and encountered a tour guide that made the following, false assertions, among others:

  • George Washington didn’t attend church.  (In fact, he attended Christ Church, just a few blocks away from Independence Hall, with other notable historical figures like Betsy Ross, John Adams and Benjamin Franklin, to name a few.)
  • No one could really know for sure the Founder’s religion, and that it was open for interpretation. (Many of the Founding Fathers left notes, letters, diaries and writings that confirm their Judeo-Christian belief system, including, most telling of all, George Washington’s “Farewell Address” as president.)
  • As slave owners, founders such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson couldn’t be Christians. (The tour guide failed to mention that the Founders struggled with the issue of slavery—a legal institution at the time—and wished above all else that the vile practice be abolished, an unattainable goal at the time.)
  • Benjamin Franklin was a deist. (In his letter to Ezra Stiles in 1790, Franklin’s response flatly contradicts this statement. Franklin affirmed his belief in one God, Lord of all, and that He was to be worshipped.)

This is not the first instance of DuBord encountering tour guides with no understanding of their American heritage or the Founder’s plan for the United States. In 2006, DuBord told World Net Daily News that he was dismayed to “discover the stories of the nation’s heritage had been sterilized of Christian references.”

Tour guides for the Supreme Court told visitors that the marble frieze above the justices’ bench showed a tablet with ten Roman numerals, five down each side, and that this tablet represented the first ten amendments to the American Constitution. This was blatantly wrong. According to a 1975 official Supreme Court Handbook, this tablet represents the Ten Commandments.

It’s time we learned the truth about this nation, about her founding, and the brilliant government model that the Founders instituted in this country, a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. For a wonderful series that tells the whole truth about the American Constitution, our American heritage, and the Christian foundation of this country, visit and order John Eidsmoe’s book Christianity and the Law of the Land.

And then teach your children what it means to be an American.

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