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The Best Places To Go Off Grid: Cedar City, Utah

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Human history is dominated by stories of societal collapse. Over and over again, the narrative remains the same – a mighty empire rises, only to eventually fall, brought down by a combination of war, massive debt, resource depletion, poor leadership, complacency, and excessive pride. Societies rise to greatness by harnessing their creative energies for the public good, but as time goes along, they become arrogant and lazy, drifting away from the spiritual orientation that gave them strength in favor of a shallow materialism that leads to inevitable decay and ruin.

Does any of this sound familiar? While there is no way to know for certain how the days of the Great American Empire will end, the one thing we know for sure is that it they will end, and all the signs strongly indicate that the end may be coming soon. But even though empires fall, the human spirit can never be vanquished, which is why a new and better society always arises to replace that which came before. It is this knowledge, this awareness of the possibilities of the future, that ultimately animates the off-the-grid culture. For those seeking to build a better model for living based on self-reliance, voluntary cooperation, and respect for God, it is all about developing an alternative that can improve the quality of our lives now, while also laying down a blueprint around which the next society can re-organize itself following the final destruction of the current order.

The potential destruction that could follow a societal collapse brought on by economic calamity, warfare, terrorism, or environmental breakdown would be so immense and widespread that it would no doubt overwhelm those who are isolated, vulnerable, and dependent on others for their means of survival. Consequently, it behooves anyone who hopes to weather the coming storm to find a place to settle that will provide them with the resources and the opportunities they need to make it through even the darkest hours.

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Ultimately, to be prepared for all contingencies, preppers and survivalists will need to start coming together in larger numbers to form communities within communities, since even the most self-reliant folks realize there is always more strength in numbers. It is for this reason that much discussion has been going on in survival-oriented circles about which areas of the United States would be the best places for off-the-gridders to gather, and one place that is beginning to generate a lot of buzz is a town located in the stunning red rock country of southern Utah called Cedar City.

The Charms of Cedar City

Cedar City is a settlement of 28,000 people that has been occupying a mountain valley in the southwestern part of Utah for more than 160 years. Surrounded by a vast, expansive desert on one side and by a mountain range that reaches elevations of up to 10,000 feet on the other, Cedar City is somewhat larger than most of the places survivalists tend to focus on, but the natural features of the land as well as its distance from bigger cities would make this a very safe and secure location should catastrophe ever strike. While 28,000 would in itself be a large number of mouths to feed, this is an area where farming and ranching are an important part of the culture, so Cedar City would be better prepared than most places should serious food shortages ever arise. In addition, water supplies are also plentiful, and the mining and timber industries here are thriving. The Cedar City area has been truly blessed by God’s bounty, and as a result, those living here would be able to survive better than most if calamity were ever to come, and they would also be able to operate from a position of strength should dire circumstances ever send us back into a barter economy.

Land prices are in the moderate-to-inexpensive range, although buying a good plot of land with arable soil could cost more than in some of the other places where off-the-gridders are beginning to congregate. Nevertheless, for most, the incredible natural beauty of the Cedar City area would make a little extra investment worth the while. The rugged red rock country of southern Utah is one of God’s most astonishing and sublime creations, and the deep valleys, verdant forests, peaceful streams, and sparkling mountain lakes that this area is also known for only add to the unmatched aesthetic impression that this part of the country makes on visitors and residents alike. Living off the grid is about living closer to God as much as it is about anything else, and it is hard to imagine being able to find a place where the presence of the Creator is more in evidence than southern Utah. As for Cedar City itself, this town has become known as “Festival City USA,” which is a reflection of the fact that there are so many yearly festivals held in Cedar City that there really is something in this amazing place for everyone. Overall, the vibrant culture that enlivens life here goes well beyond what you would expect to find in any city with a population of less than 100,000.

One of the very best things about Cedar City as an off-the-grid destination is that the people here understand what it means to leave the past behind in search of a better life, because they are descended from a group of brave pioneers who did just that.  Utah was settled and built by mavericks who were determined to carve out an independent existence in the midst of conformity, and as such this state represents one of the most successful experiments in building a society from scratch that has ever been seen in human history. Those who live in Utah now have never forgotten their heritage, and they have a high level of respect for those who demand the right to live a free existence where the choices they make are always determined by the dictates of their own consciences, without apology or compromise.

Living Among the Builders

A fertile and productive land, natural beauty in abundance, an inextinguishable can-do spirit, and a history of independence and community-building – this is what southern Utah has to offer those seeking to escape from a corrupt order destined to fall under the weight of its own hubris. Cedar City has so much to offer everyone that it is already an amazing place to live, and if and when troubled times come, the people here will be as well-prepared to handle it as anyone could possibly hope to be. For off-the-gridders who are determined to be ready for anything that might come, Cedar City could be the ideal place to put down new roots.

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