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You Need Gold and Guns…Now!

gold coin on wooden tableI remember studying in my economics class how the process of civilization ends when a government systematically violates property rights. You can see this of course under communist governments, but it is a characteristic of any dictatorship.

Peaceful civilization involves delayed gratification, saving and building. If you think how the United States was built, these elements were critical. When we undo them, people are making choices more similar to the barbarians who sacked Rome than to a peaceful, civilized, educated population.

When a natural disaster strikes or a criminal robs you on the street, it has a terrible effect on you as an individual, but society at large doesn’t really feel the act. However, when a government is systematically confiscating wealth, property and freedoms, you can actually begin to measure the changes.

The US dollar is now being questioned around the world as people are losing faith in the value of the currency, which is itself a reflection of the government to tax the people. The oil producing nations have already left the dollar for the Euro, while China, Russia and the UN are calling for a new world currency, and our ability to print money to pay our bills is in doubt as even our closest allies and trading partners are hesitating to continue financing our spending spree.The rest of the world watches as the US acts like a drug addict who simply can’t admit the problem and can’t bring himself to make any changes.

Gold prices are near all-time highs and gold coins are now hard to find. In fact, in November of last year the US Mint suspended sales of American Eagles, after coin prices went up by 88% last year. Gold bullion is of course also appreciating, but the value of the coins as a means of trade and with a fraction of the value of a full bar of gold means the coins are particularly valuable.

At the same time, you can’t find ammunition for your .380 pistol. It’s just not available. I’ve walked into gun shops, pawn shops and big box stores and everyone is out. Ever since the election of Barack Obama gun and ammo sales have been at all time highs. The liberals and their co-conspirators in the media like to paint it as a bunch of crazies who hate the President because of his skin color, but the evidence is that people are worried about an infringement of the 2nd Amendment as well as a societal breakdown that might require more vigilant self defense.

The price and scarcity of commodities such as gold and ammunition is easily observed. Millions of Americans are not buying precious metals and ammunition because they think the party is just getting started; they’re worried that the party is coming to a predictable and yet horrific, dangerous end and could become violent.

If you can’t find a gold coin, maybe you can find a silver one, and you’ll be okay. If you are looking for ammo for your .38 special and can’t get it, maybe you’ll trade in your .38 and get a .45 or a 9mm or a .357 and buy that ammo instead. You might prefer one over the other, but both can get the job done. But what happens when you go to the pharmacy and you can’t get the antibiotics you need, or you visit the grocery store and they’re out of bread and milk? What do you do then?

What we are witnessing may very well be the beginning of a widespread commodities shortage brought on by overconsumption, government regulation and interference, and panic buying by a population that has been asleep at the wheel for far too long.

Stay tuned.

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