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Here’s How The FBI Gets Your DNA Whether You Know It Or Not

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fbi gets your dna

The FBI gets your DNA from companies like GEDMatch because scientists can use the data to identify your family members.

One way or another, the FBI gets your DNA from genetics companies. In fact, genetic testing companies oftentimes provide DNA samples directly to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

For example, FamilyTreeDNA is apologizing for sharing customers’ DNA samples with the FBI, The New York Times reports. Specifically, FBI agents have secret access to FamilyTreeDNA customers’ genetic information.

Consequently, the FBI can compare FamilyTreeDNA customers’ DNA samples to samples from criminals and evidence from crime scenes. A FamilyTreeDNA customer could even face arrest, conviction, and prison because of the company’s deal with the FBI.


How The FBI Gets Your DNA Without A Warrant

According to The American Conservative, FamilyTreeDNA also has a secret deal with the FBI. In particular, the agreement gives the Bureau access to DNA samples that citizens send to FamilyTreeDNA without a warrant. Moreover, the FBI could share these DNA samples with other law enforcement agencies.

In addition, the FBI could share FamilyTreeDNA genetic samples with foreign law enforcement agencies such as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) or Scotland Yard. Furthermore, hackers could conceivably break into the FBI’s computers and steal DNA data from the Bureau.

However, FamilyTreeDNA president Bennett Greenspan maintains that sharing data with the FBI without a warrant is a prudent idea. Greenspan somehow apologizes for the practice and yet defends it at the same time in statements to The Times.

For instance, Greenspan says he believes the FBI deal is “an opportunity for honest, law-abiding citizens to help catch bad guys and bring closure to devastated families.”


The FBI Gets Your DNA But Is It Constitutional?

On the other hand, neither Greenspan nor The Times mention the 4th Amendment’s ban on unreasonable searches and seizures. Additionally, there are no court rulings on the constitutionality of DNA samples which police obtain from genetic testing companies.

Notwithstanding, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the rape conviction of Alonzo Jay King, Jr. was constitutional. Prosecutors charged King with rape because of an involuntary DNA test. Police had tested King’s DNA while he was being held on unrelated charges. King’s lawyers did argue that involuntary DNA tests violate the 4th Amendment, but the Supreme Court still disagreed.

As a result, it could be “constitutional” for police to use DNA samples that companies provide to the FBI to identify suspects. Particularly, prosecutors could argue that you voluntarily waive your 4th Amendment rights when you provide a DNA sample to a company.

Under these circumstances, the FBI gets your DNA without your consent and it could be constitutional nevertheless. The Bureau, meanwhile, may already have access to DNA that can identify most Americans.


The FBI Gets Your DNA And Everybody Else’s

The FBI could potentially identify you and track you down through a DNA sample somebody else provides.

Notably, The New Republic states that police found suspected serial killer Joseph DeAngelo through DNA samples from GEDMatch, another genetic testing company. Oddly enough, the sample that led to DeAngelo was provided by an unidentified relative and not even the suspect himself.

To elaborate, the FBI gets your DNA from companies like GEDMatch because scientists can use the data to identify your family members. Specifically, it is possible to pinpoint a suspect’s family by comparing DNA in blood evidence to data stored by companies such as FamilyTreeDNA store.

Once they acquire your DNA, FBI agents can begin their comprehensive analysis. They can even check if any of your family members have criminal records or outstanding warrants. Ultimately, the FBI could send your loved ones to prison with the DNA you provide.


The FBI Could Identify 60% Of White Americans Through DNA Samples

At the present time, scientists can theoretically identify 60% of white Americans using DNA samples which people provide to private genetic testing firms, The New York Times claims.

This is because only a few people need to provide samples to enable geneticists to identify large numbers of people. Currently, around 15 million people submit DNA samples to companies like FamilyTreeDNA.

Incredibly, that could be enough to identify roughly 149.7 million Americans using DNA evidence alone. This figure represents 60% of the estimated 249.5 million white Americans in the country today. This means that the FBI could track nearly half of America’s total population of 325.719 million people with DNA from testing companies.

Moreover, white people are easier to track because they are more likely to use genetic services like 23andMe. So, the FBI gets your DNA in the end simply because of your curiosity about your ancestry.

What’s worse is that the FBI could have your DNA in its database even if you never provided a sample in the first place.

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