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Are We Signing Away Liberty For Security? with Martin Selbrede – Episode 134

This is the month that Americans celebrate Christmas, the holiday season that commemorates the birth of Christ and the salvation he brought. The political climate today is not that much different from the one in Israel 2,000 years ago when Christ entered this world. Power politics was at play then and power politics is at play now. And as it was then, two theories of salvation are on the world stage.

According to Martin Selbrede, vice-president of the Chalcedon Foundation and today’s guest on Off the Grid Radio, statist humanists believe in a political salvation and in the inherent goodness of man, if only his environment would allow him to be so. Because the environment is what holds mankind back from perfection, all environmental factors are subject to governmental control and social change.

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However, the Founders of this country did not believe in a supreme or dictatorial government. Political salvation was anathema to them. The greatness and strength of this country was built on the precept that God was the governor of mankind, and that civil government was the servant of the people, not the master.

There are problems in our country. There are societal ills that need to be addressed. But is the salvation we’re looking for found in the halls of Congress, the White House, or the judicial system? If we look to a political salvation for our future, it might be a future where not a modicum of freedom lives.

In this episode:

  • The two types of salvation
  • Social environment engineers and why they fail
  • Why political salvation leads to tyranny
  • Our modern day “Tower of Babel” thinking
  • And more…
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