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Bill Heid And Constitutional Scholar John Eidsmoe Give Piers Morgan A Historical Lesson On Gun Control with John Eidsmoe – Episode 139

According to Alex Jones on a recent appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight, should the gun grabbers attempt to take away the constitutional rights of the American people, a second revolution would be in the making. But is the answer to this Orwellian 1984 society we find ourselves in, actually another 1776?

What many people don’t understand is the American Revolution was a byproduct of a certain worldview, one that goes back hundreds of years before 1776, from the very concerns that troubled the colonial world and culminated in a single question—where does law comes from? The answer to that question is what framed the American Revolution.

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Please join Bill Heid and John Eidsmoe as they discuss the underpinnings of the American Revolution, the attempts by the federal government at undermining the Constitution today, and what our response to that government should be.

In this episode:

  • Are we undermining our stance on the Constitution when we argue from a position of anger?
  • The revolution of 1776 had it’s basis in the laws and charters implemented hundreds of years before the American colonial era
  • What is the basis for all law?
  • And more…
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