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Everything You Need To Stockpile For Winter

Winter and sub-zero temperatures are just around the corner, but for many Americans, their wood-burning stoves are already lit.

Winter can kill you if you’re not prepared, and on this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio we talk to off-grid expert and author Rich Scheben, who tells us what he stockpiles to get ready for frigid Montana winters – and what you should stockpile no matter where you live.

Scheben has lived off-grid in Big Sky Country for two decades and employs unique homesteading methods that you won’t see used just anywhere.

Scheben tells us:

  • How much wood he stockpiles and what types of trees he uses.
  • Why he rarely burns wood unless it’s been seasoned for a full year.
  • How he gets the most out of his wood-burning stove.
  • Why he never “feeds the fire” in his stove during the middle of the night.
  • How he uses his wood-burning stove to heat his water.
  • Why he doesn’t own a freezer, despite being an avid hunter.
  • How much food he stockpiles for winter.
  • Why (and how) he uses greywater for several homestead chores.

Finally, Scheben tells the audience what steps they can take if they want to follow a similar path and go off-grid. If you’re a homesteader heading into a brutal winter, you’ll definitely want to listen to this week’s episode!

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