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Has Illinois Become A Police State? With Terry Ingram – Episode 103

A beekeeper of 58 years wants to know how an unelected state agency, which appears to answer to no one, can come in and destroy years of research, equipment, and bees without due process and even without a search warrant. Has recent loose interpretations of the Constitution and the power of the federal government spilled over into state governments, who now think they can act with impunity and shut down any business that happens to question an agency’s validity, credentials, or findings? Is the era of big bully government upon us? Those are the questions in Illinois right now, and Terrence Ingram would like them answered.

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Please join Bill Heid and Terry Ingram on today’s Off the Grid Radio program as they discuss this latest atrocity of Illinois state government officials. Bill has personally done business with Terry since the early 80s, and this is a matter that strikes close to home. As Terry Ingram asked the Prairie Advocate, “Is Illinois a police state, where citizens do not have rights?”

In this episode:

  • How Round-up destroys bee colonies
  • How years of research, equipment, and bees were taken without due process or a search warrant
  • How complaining about a government agency can get your whole operation shut down
  • The truth about the disease American foul brood… and the difference between it and “chilled brood”
  • And more…
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