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How To Raise Kids Who Hate Video Games And Love Gardening

Homesteaders and off-gridders spend a lot of time throughout the year growing their own gardens, but how many of those days are spent growing something even more important — gardeners?

Raising kids to love gardening may sound like a challenge in an age of smartphones, tablets and video games, but it’s not as hard as you may believe. That’s according to Steven Biggs and his 10-year-old daughter Emma, who have co-written a kid-friendly book, “Grow Gardeners,” that not only encourages children to get into gardening but also tells parents how they can get their own kids involved.

Steven and Emma are this week’s guests on Off The Grid Radio, and they tell us:

  • How to raise children who aren’t addicted to video games and screen time.
  • What steps parents can take to get kids into gardening.
  • How something as simple as playing in the mud can help kids see the fun in gardening.
  • Why kid-friendly plants are important for first-time gardeners.
  • How “themed gardens” can help get children interested in gardening.

Emma also shares her own gardening secrets from this year’s harvest, including which tomato varieties she tried. And she gives a few herb tips, as well.

If you’re wanting advice on how to get your children away from the TV and into gardening, then this show is for you!

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