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Steven Seagal Russian Agent? Promises To “Warm Up” Relationship With Washington

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Steven Seagal Russian Agent

Steven Seagal Russian agent

Steven Seagal Russian agent is shown here while eating a carrot in Belarus.

Former movie and reality TV star Steven Seagal is now an agent of the Kremlin. It’s true. The 1990s action movie hero is now officially … Steven Seagal Russian Agent.

Moreover, it seems the Russian Foreign Ministry or perhaps even Putin himself has appointed Seagal as a goodwill ambassador to the United States. The ministry reportedly claimed that Seagal will promote “relations between Russia and the United States in the humanitarian field, including cooperation in culture, arts, public, and youth exchanges.”

Steven Seagal Russian Agent: The Goodwill Ambassador

Seagal will begin as a goodwill ambassador. He will act as an “agent of dialogue and communication” between Russia and the American people, the ministry announced. Seagal evidently has no actual diplomatic status at this time in his new role, however.

“I have worked tirelessly in this direction for many years unofficially and I am now very grateful for the opportunity to do the same thing officially,” Seagal told the RT News agency.

Seagal will attempt to improve US-Russian relations in the humanitarian sphere, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported.

Steven Seagal Russian Agent Or Steven Seagal Useful Idiot?

A more accurate description of Seagal’s new role could be as a “useful idiot.” The term useful idiot was how Soviet founder Vladimir Lenin described Americans and other non-Russians who were willing to promote the ideology of Communism. All the while, these people would not understand that they are part of a deliberate propaganda strategy.

During the Soviet era, useful idiots such as American journalists John Reed and Walter Duranty spread fake news at the behest of the Kremlin. Duranty even won a Pulitzer Prize for fake New York Times stories that he designed. The articles attempted to cover up Joseph Stalin’s murder of 2.5 million to 10 million people in Ukraine in the 1930s.

Is Seagal following in the footsteps of a long line of American idiots who did the Kremlin’s bidding? The Russian Foreign Ministry denies this and claims that they are not compensating Seagal for his work.

Seagal has, however, been reportedly granted a Russian passport. Consequently, this would imply that Seagal is free to live and move about in the Russian Federation. It could also mean that Seagal is free to open bank accounts, make investments in Russia, and star in Russian movies. And it’s just this threat that has Hollywood concerned. Is Russia preparing to launch a series of action movies starring Seagal?

Steven Seagal Russian Agent And Alaska

One of Seagal’s roles will be to remind Americans of “historic ties between the United States and Russia.”

Seagal will probably point out to Americans that Alaska was once a Russian colony. Ironically, Alaska was once a colony that Russia did not want. Czar Alexander II decided that administering Alaska was a waste of money. Therefore, he sold the colony to the United States for a little over seven million dollars back in 1867.

Many in Russia are now having second thoughts about that deal. The New York Times reported that some Russians would actually like Alaska back.

“If Russia was in possession of Alaska today, the geopolitical situation in the world would have been different,” Sergey Aksyonov, the prime minister of Crimea told The Times.

Steven Seagal Russian Agent – Forgets His Family History?

Seagal is apparently of Russian-Jewish heritage on his father’s side. Large numbers of Russian Jews fled to the United States during the “pogroms” in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Presumably, Seagal’s grandparents were among the refugees from the pogroms.

A pogrom was a riot deliberately organized by the Czarist government. It was an attempt to drive out the Jews by utilizing inflamed ideologues, crisis actors, and gangs of treacherous thugs. Pogroms often involved the lynching of Jews and the burning of their homes.

Seagal’s friend, Vladimir Putin, is an avid admirer of much of the old Czarist government. Interestingly, Putin’s goals include the revival of the Russian Empire. Will Seagal be working to help promote a vision of Russia that once persecuted Jews and perhaps even his very own family? Doubtful, but interesting.

What Can Donald Trump Do To Counter Steven Seagal Russian Agent?

In an effort to counter the Putin appointment of Seagal, President Donald Trump should immediately reach out to Jean-Claude Van Damme and appoint him as a goodwill ambassador to Russia. A cold war tactic? Of course, but the only thing the Russians understand historically is operating from a position of strength. Trump could also bring in Dwayne Johnson for such a role. If both of these men are tied up, Trump could, after much deliberation and after consulting his cabinet members… use the “nuclear option” to counter Putin and Seagal: Chuck Norris.

Who would make the best diplomatic counter to Seagal? Please vote on our main Off-The-Grid News homepage today and pass this on to a friend.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

Dwayne Johnson

Chuck Norris


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What are your thoughts on Steven Seagal acting as a Russian agent and as a goodwill ambassador to the United States? Let us know in the comments below.

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