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It’s Your Body And Your Future, Prep It For Long Term Survival…With Birke Baehr and Alan Phillips – Episode 162

Birke Baehr - Birke On The FarmThis week we start the show off by getting an education on the destructiveness of the industrialized food system from 14 year old Birke Baehr. No. That is not a typo. Birke is 14 years old and started reaching out to educate people on the dangers of the industrialized food system at the age of 11. His first speech was recorded and placed on YouTube and has over 1 million views. The best part of this kid’s story- he was the one to influence and educate his family.

“There just came a point that I started learning so much about the food system…you know…that I just had to have a family meeting with them. I was like… ‘Hey Mom and Dad, you know…after all this stuff I’ve been learning…the only way we can eat real healthy food is by eating organic.’ And you know that’s where my dad comes in and says the normal thing, ‘It costs too much money and it’s too expensive and I actually used that quote the first time on my parents, ‘You can either pay the farmer or you can pay the hospital,’” said Baehr.

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During the second half of the show we are joined by attorney Alan Phillips to tell us the ugly truth about vaccinations. Phillips begs the question, “Here’s a vaccine that doesn’t work, what’s in that vaccine that they want in our bodies?” Phillips goes on to talk about the growing trend where healthcare facilities are requiring their employees to be vaccinated with the flu shot and various other vaccines. And you won’t believe the astonishing percentage of healthcare workers the big vaccine companies want to give this unproven shot. Outrageous!

In this episode:

  • Fourteen year old Birke Baehr provides some harsh reality when he tells us, “You can either pay the farmer or you can pay the hospital.”
  • Baehr talks about his experience with meeting Joel Salatin and the inspiration for his book…
  • Attorney Alan Phillips lets people know that being vaccinated is and should always be a choice and never a requirement…
  • And more…
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