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SPECIAL UPDATE: OTGN Catches Up With Randy Zeilinger (The Criminal Chicken Farmer) – Episode 166

Randy Zeilinger (Criminal Chicken Farmer)This week is a very special half hour show where hosts Bill Heid and Brian Brawdy get the latest scoop on the “Criminal Chicken Farmer” Randy Zeilinger in Garden City, Michigan. Boy does this episode have Bill “hot under the collar” as Randy tells us the selective justice that Garden City is sending his way.

The Garden City Ordinance Officer is bringing forth all kinds of things that Randy “needs” to fix or work on, including paint chipping on his garage, the length of his lawn, and his butterfly garden in the front yard. It seems to us that the ordinance officer just has it out for Randy. In fact, giving Randy one ticket for keeping chickens was not bad enough; they issued him a second ticket while he was trying to find good homes for his chickens.

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Listen to the outrageous scrutiny that Randy is facing and the selective enforcement of certain ordinance laws. Why does the Garden City Ordinance Officer have it out for Randy?

In this episode you’ll also learn:

  • Why do the people overseeing “justice” in Garden City, Michigan seem to be pretty selective?
  • The city of Garden City has a problem with Randy’s butterfly garden? Seems ironic right?
  • Does the Garden City Ordinance Officer just have it out for Randy?
  • Heid brings up the fact that the American Revolution was founded on the same types of principles as Randy is practicing right now…
  • Are people in a position of power just abusing their power to enforce justice on the people they don’t like?
  • and more…
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