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The Civil War History You Don’t Know

America is commemorating the 150th anniversary of the end of the Civil War this year, but the commemoration has been anything but civil. With debates over heroes, statues and flags, the Civil War seemingly has divided America once again.

Meanwhile, many Americans still don’t know their Civil War history, having bought into myths and legends that apparently never die.

On this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio we discuss Civil War “off-grid” history that you won’t get out of public school textbooks or from the mainstream media. Our guest is historian Bill Potter, an author, teacher and lecturer who also gives tours of American and European sites, telling the story of God’s providential hand in history.

Potter tells us:

  • Why it’s wrong to view the Civil War simply as the “good guys” vs. the “bad guys.”
  • How the issue of racism in the South was far more complex than what we’ve learned.
  • What really tore the states apart, and how churches played a key role.
  • Why Lincoln’s views on slavery are more complicated than the conventional narrative.
  • Whether the Civil War truly was a necessary war.

A century and a half after it ended, the “War Between The States” continues to captivate our imagination. Listen as one of the nation’s leading experts on the Civil War explains its history in ways you’ve never heard!

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