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The Only Thing That Dennis Rodman, Kim Jong-un, Brad Pitt, and Patrick Henry Have In Common Is This Radio Show – Episode 152

Dennis Rodmann and Kim Jong UnJoin us this week for a crazy radio show. Hang on for this bumpy ride around the world of economics and politics with Bill Heid and Brian Brawdy. The show starts out visiting the excitement going on in Thomson, IL, a village of 600 people. Then they venture to the other side of the world to recap on the recent adventures of Bill Heid in China. Only to finish by talking about Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un.

The excitement brewing in Thomson, IL is the recent announcement that President Barack Obama has allocated a division of funds to go to the Thomson Correctional Facility in his most recent budget proposal. This is big news for a small community that has waited more than a decade to be able to utilize the maximum security prison to generate revenue.
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Throughout the show, Bill tells Brian what his experience was with the Chinese people’s reaction to Kim Jong-un’s threats to the US. They share their feelings and input into the current economic situation in Japan. Then finally, they talk a little gun control. Listen in to find out how Bill feels like the enormity of the problem with killings and violence in America is not being addressed while the minute problems on the surface are being addressed.

In this episode:

  • Bill & Brian discuss the perceived future of the Thomson Correctional Facility
  • They talk about the impact North Korean threats have on Chinese residents
  • The threats of hyperinflation in Japan
  • Bill visits what Kim Jong-un and Dennis Rodman have in common
  • And more…
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