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The Ultimate Battle For Our Children Is In Our Schools with Karen Schroeder – Episode 121

There are over 3 million teachers in America today, and over 1.2 million of them are conservative, limited government educators who are striving to work from within a system that is hostile not only to the ideals enshrined in the founding documents of our country, but hostile to our republic itself. They are trying to stem the tide of progressivism that is threatening to engulf our students, that is teaching them a history and world-view that denigrates and blasphemes who and what we are as Americans, and the ideals and belief system that we’ve carried with us through the last two and a half centuries.

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Please join Bill Heid on Off the Grid Radio today with his fascinating guest Karen Schroeder, president of Advocates for Academic Freedom (AAF) which is a proponent for a return to fact-based curricula, accountability, and academic excellent in public education.

In this episode:

  • How progressivism has been infiltrating our churches and universities since the 1890s and the impact that has had on our society today.
  • The battle of worldviews – conservative teachers vs. NEA and policy leaders
  • Education is NOT about preparing your children for a job or citizenship, but to transform America into a collectivist state
  • Why abolishing the Department of Education will not stem the progressive tide
  • And more…
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