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Thwarting the Socialist Agenda with Curtis Bowers- Episode 061

America has an enemy. This enemy is very close to seeing its goals realized. One need only look at the economic, cultural, and spiritual morass that we find ourselves in to see this. Whether this enemy’s agenda is liberalism, humanism, socialism, or Marxism, the thing to understand is that all these agendas have a common worldview and common ground for how they want to transform this country.

This enemy wants to transform this country because they truly believe that America is evil. Their books, their works, their words, and their papers tell us in their own words that they want to dismantle the America that we’ve known and loved.

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Join Bill Heid and Brian Brawdy on Off the Grid Radio with our very special guest Curtis Bowers, the director and producer of Agenda: Grinding America Down. The only way to get our country back on track is to recognize what is happening in our government, our schools, our news media, and our churches and to work within our communities to fight this encroachment on our American way of life. Half the world is burning as we speak. If we don’t stop this now, America will be next.

In this episode:

  • Rebuilding our nation from our communities upward
  • Recognizing the enemy within that is far more dangerous than the enemy abroad
  • Communism, socialism, progressivism—same horse, just a different label
  • And more…

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