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What Is The Greatest Threat To Freedom? with Tom Woods – Episode 138

If you were to name the greatest threat to American freedom, what would it be? The lack of responsibility coming out of Washington D.C.? The trashing of the Constitution by each successive administration? An increasing entitlement mentality among the citizenry?

Bill Heid and today’s guest on Off the Grid Radio, Tom Woods, posit another theory – that ignorance is the greatest threat to our freedom, and that we need to reeducate our citizens with the truth of history and the free market. However, we’re not going to get the discussion we need in our traditional government-funded schools.

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Tom Woods is a senior fellow in history at the Ludwig von Mises Institute, the author of eleven books, and founder of Liberty Classroom.

In this episode:

  • Why we’re at the point of no return in the solvency of our country
  • Why the welfare state is unsustainable
  • More than a fiscal crisis afflicts us
  • Why the free market is better than a non-market society
  • And more…
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