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  1. I just want to say legsalize gay marrage in all 50 states

    • I just want to say, “No”.

    • Do Not Legalize Gay Marriages. Then they want benefits and think they are better than the real deal Marriage. These Queers are disgusting and try to shove their evil ways down our throats. If they want this kind of lifestyle then go to a Third World Country.

    • Really Rose! Stop living your life between your legs. Keep your sexual life in the bedroom. The majority of Americans are tired of hearing about this insignificant issue when there are so many more important issues at hand. Your cause is only being used by those in power to remain in office. Those in power call you and others in your community useful idiots. When those in power have no further use for useful idiots they will dump your cause or worse. Wake up.

    • Think Sodom and Gomorrah! God destroyed them!!!

      • Yes, but now we have a new god. He wears horns and has a tail. I’m not sure about the pitch fork. Today he might be carrying a brief case, wearing a three piece suit, and living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. He might be the real thing or just a representative, but he is a creature from the dark side.

    • Less than 1% of the population is in a gay relationship. Why so much effort for so little of our population?

      • It took decades for the socialists, communists, Marxists, whatever, to infiltrate every aspect of our society. Giving the minorities the overwhelming political power they have today. That’s only one aspect of an over all, extremely well orchestrated plan. Every attempt at creating chaos, civil unrest is becoming more and more obvious with Obama’s time in office. Although several of the steps are right out of the age old book of how to overthrow and completely change an entire nation’s way of life have been changed, the end is still in place. The destroyers are now in power and here to do what they know best, destroy. Let me tell you a brief story about a meeting of who were at the time, the most powerful and influential men of the 1800’s. A guy by the name of Carnegie created a club consisting of these handful of men. I think he called it the Committee on World Peace, a joke right? Every club or organization has a board and usually annual, semi-annual meetings. This club was no different. At the close of one of their meetings a question was presented. The members were to ponder this question during the upcoming year. Then when they met, come to some conclusion. The question? “What would it take to cause the fundamental transformation of an entire nation? What would cause an entire nation to change its way of life? The consensus or answer agreed to by the majority, ” WORLD WAR” As hard as it is to believe. There are people in this world, idealists, who would intentionally destroy a nation or even the world in order to fundamentally transform it. In the past, Hitler, and people of varying degrees who were basically just like him comes to mind. The leaders of Iran, and I sincerely believe, the person who resides in the Oval Office. There’s a number of ways to destroy a nation. Obama’s way? In stead of firing the first volley, he is going to bring about the greatest holocaust ever known to man by destabilizing the Middle East. Every action, in action, mandate, etc. Every one has, is, and will continue to do one thing, destroy this nation’s way of life and our ability to defend ourselves. His actions remind me of something General Patton once said right after the war. While he and the Russians were celebrating at a gathering. After it was over he told one of his superior the following. I’ll start a war with those SOB’s and make it look like they started it. OBAMA IS A DESTROYED.

        • There will be war soon, and it will be a real world-war this time around, because it will be fought on the soil of every nation on earth. Who will win? A “Man” will come riding on a white horse and all the armies of heaven will follow Him riding on white horses. He will destroy the armies of earth and rescue the victims. The victims are the ones who keep ALL of His COMMANDMENTS voluntarily, and have total faith, the kind of faith Jesus demonstrated when He was here. He refused to participate. in violence.

    • This world has gone mad. There is crazy stuff happening and we seem powerless to stop it. Police abuse power. We are in a police state. MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT.

  2. you know that if this happens it not going to good for all of use..the pries of food in the stores is so high…we need help and that not it…if you can’t eat you will do what they say..and that’s the way it is.

  3. I enjoy and appreciate your information but do not have the time to sit and listen. Since this is a newsletter, why not offer the interview in transcript form. You did do that some time back.

  4. Sadly, trying to love someone who accodung to scripture, cannot have Yahwehs eternal life,unless they repent from this type of belief,Homosexuality, and assurping this belief upon those who know the truth by force,becomes a focal point each day more and more of the return of Messiah.. Im hurting for your eternal loss but rejoicing for the soon coming.

  5. Doesn’t “Rose” sound remarkably like a government shill? Go figure.

  6. I agree with the things David said and would like to expand a bit on what he wrote. We’re now deep into the primary campaigning for the presidency. I’m finding it scary as ****.

    I do believe that there is an agenda that’s been gradually being set in place for a long time. I don’t subscribe to any particular “conspiracy theory”, I’ve just watched the changes taking place in our country. One by one they may not seem so bad, maybe even a reasonable “solution to a “problem”. But, string them together and the trend becomes apparent. Notice that every “solution” involves the federal government having more and more control over more and more aspects of our personal lives and usually also involves more infringement on one or more of the bill of rights. As I see them gaining more power over us their efforts have been escalating. If left unchecked they will eventually destroy everything this country was founded on. Their smooth, caring, “reasonable”, rhetoric has been playing a large portion of our population like a fine fiddle as they deviously lead us to the slaughter.

    It’s all about power, control and subjugation of the citizens and nothing about care or concern for our wellbeing.

    Do we have “issues” and “problems” in our country? Of course we do! You can’t put a group of people together anywhere without individual differences causing issues amongst the group. And look at the size of our country and population. But more and more government control is not the answer. It’s not a cure but a carcinogen.

    To demonstrate a few of their actual tactics: they pick an issue and intensely create focus on it through most of the politically controlled media. They keep at it until they work all the factions into a frenzy, demanding a resolution. I see at least two strategies at play. Create a problem and then create a solution. That solution always involves the government taking more control while chipping away at our constitutional freedoms. Secondly, while everyone is focused on this or that issue, they’re not paying particular attention to the other sneaky things the’re doing. They’ve successfully distracted way too many of us so they can do what they want with little notice

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