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Being A Positive Prepper: 4 Rules To Live By

postive prepper

I grew up believing I could trust my government. My doors were never locked. My rights were protected. This is no longer the case. I am a positive person by nature, but circumstances require me to be a realist also.

So, how do I survive in both worlds? How do I keep being positive while preparing for the seemingly inevitable collapse of our economy? No one wants to be that guy on the street corner with the sign that says “The world is coming to an end! Are you prepared?” so I have a few guidelines I use to help me stay positive and still be a prepper.

  1. I am proud of America, but I’m not a sheep. I can still be proud of my American heritage, but I must take my responsibilities as an American very seriously. My ancestors were not sheep. They fought hard for their beliefs, some of them even died trying to protect freedom. Our forefathers fought to create change—they bucked the system in order to make life better for you and me. We shouldn’t have to question the motives of our government, but when people abuse the authority they have been given for personal gain, we must act.
  2. I always try to remember that money is not necessarily a measure of prosperity. Money is just one way to trade our hard work for the things we need. Some of the most prosperous people I know don’t have an overabundance of cash or material assets. What do they have? They have a peace of mind—a center—that only comes from working hard for everything they own and doing what is morally right when the time comes. They have the ability to barter their services for the things they need. So I need to keep my skills diversified, as it makes me strong.
  3. I always hope for the best, but I don’t expect anyone to protect me but me. I love my fellow man, but let it be known, no matter how many laws Big Brother passes, I will always have a gun in my home and I assure you I will use it to protect myself and my loved ones if necessary. My father always told me “Son, always shoot straight and never give up your gun.” I taught my children the same phrase early in life.
  4. I always try to keep my priorities straight. I have a friend who helped me see it this way. In the center of my life I have a nucleus. This inner circle is filled with what is most important in my life. In my nucleus is my God, my wife and my kids. Outside of that nucleus are many circles. The circle nearest my nucleus consists of my mom, siblings, close friends—the ones I trust. Then comes my work. I must always work, for it is good for my soul. Honest work for an honest wage is what made our country strong. The rest of the circles are made up of my passions, such as helping others, music, writing, fishing—the fun things.

If I keep all these circles in their proper places around my nucleus, I will stay centered. The world can crash down upon me, breaking through several outside circles, but as long as I have those circles in order, my nucleus will never be breached. I will fight hard for all those outside circles, but no one will ever get to my nucleus. The earth can be filled with tyrants and they can take much away from me, but I will never let them at my nucleus. I will die protecting that nucleus. I draw out these circles on a piece of paper and put it where I can see it every day. It keeps my priorities right and gives me perspective.

So, with these few basic rules, I stay positive, but I am prepared for disaster. I will always try to look on the bright side, but I will not let my guard down. I will stay optimistic, but I will be prepared, I promise you that.

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