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God’s Gift To The Needy

“That is the mystery of grace: it never comes too late.”

                — Francois Mauriac

Whether we want to admit it or not, we are all needy people. Of course, we need certain elements to live, namely food, air, and water. However, we need more than that. Our emotions drive us in this life and it is there we are often the neediest. The problem is that most of us are stubborn. We do not want to be seen accepting gifts or sometimes even help. And we certainly do not want to be the recipient of freebies or handouts.

Fortunately, the one thing we need the most is not only free, but it is given in a way that leaves us feeling satisfied about receiving. The gift is truly the gift that keeps on giving – it is ever-increasing, gaining strength every day. We can have more of the gift today than we had yesterday; all we have to do is accept the gift and build upon it.

That gift is God’s grace.

Next to love, grace is one of the most prevalent themes of the New Testament; it is used 101 times through those scriptures. Paul uses the word in his letters to the various churches he is ministering because it was one of the most powerful concepts that reached him in his personal work. Before he understood the notion, he believed he had to work to be good enough for God’s love. Once he understood the beauty of grace as a gift, he learned to accept it.

God offers His grace freely to each of His children. It is all encompassing and there are never any strings attached. As we accept His grace and being a relationship with Him, that gift grows. The more we work to sustain and deepen our relationship with Him, the more grace we receive. It is a beautiful and never ending circle.

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