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In God We Trust

“Trust is letting go of needing to know all the details before you open your heart.”

–Author Unknown

Recently I saw a wonderfully decorated window at the front of a store. As I stood there taking in the beauty of the scene, a shirt caught my eye. It was simple in its decoration with one major color dominating the shirt and a tiny amount of bling spelling the simple letters of IGWT. Now, we live in an era  of abbreviations. From WWJD (what would Jesus do) to LOL (laugh out loud), abbreviations pervade our everyday dialogue. But this was a new one, an abbreviation I was not familiar with. It took me several moments of staring at the theme in the window and the letters on the shirt to finally put it all together.

IGWT – In God We Trust.

It seems like such a simple phrase, one we are certainly familiar with if we spend money on a regular basis. The words are found on both coins and paper money and have been the official motto of the United States since 1956.

But the phrase ‘In God we Trust’ is more than a motto. It is more than a sentence to be placed on the money we spend, on T-shirts, or on other documents or merchandise. In God We Trust is more than a simple statement. It is a promise, a commitment. When we wear a shirt that says IGWT, we are announcing to the world that we will not be controlled by society’s standards. Instead, we will live a life that is dedicated to believing that God is in control.

In God We Trust is America’s motto. Is it yours?

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