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Olympic Gold

I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

            Philippians 3:14

For two weeks every four years, thousands of people around the world unite around one common goal: cheering their country on during the summer Olympics. Despite all the political elements that surround the event, there is no doubt it is a gathering of some of the world’s best athletes. It is an exciting time, one that celebrates athletics and country pride.

Watching the competitors is absolutely amazing and awe inspiring. They are so graceful in their respective sports and in many ways they make it look so unbelievably easy. Of course, we know that is not true. There is an absolutely unbelievable amount of preparation that goes into even participating in qualifying events let alone making the actual Olympics. For every success we see, there are countless losses and hurts along the way. Yet each and every one of the athletes has chosen to live this life of perseverance, preparation, and commitment. They choose to press on towards their goals no matter the cost.

We are much the same way. For every success we may have, there may be numerous failures. But there is too much at stake to give up the fight. We are either working on our preparations for the future, or we are working on our relationships with God; perhaps we are working on both. Whatever the case, we are called to press on towards our goals. And in the end, whether we are taking care of our families or we are spending our eternities with God, that perseverance will have been worth it. We will receive the gold and be able to celebrate the success, knowing it was only with God’s help that we received it.

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