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5 Magazines You Better Stockpile In Case Hillary Wins

5 Magazines You Better Stockpile In Case Hillary Wins

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We all remember $30 PMAGS, and other painfully expensive standard capacity magazines during the gun-buying panics of the Obama administration. Some of us even may remember the black days of the Clinton “assault-weapons” ban, and the high cost of normal magazines then.

Sadly, we are facing another buying panic this November if the wrong candidate wins, and in light of the recent terror attack in Florida, a possible renewed push to ban modern sporting rifles and standard capacity magazines. However, right now, Americans in most states can enjoy unrestricted limits on magazines, and smart ones will lay in spares and extras while they still can.

Here’s a list of magazines you should consider stockpiling:

1. AR-15 mags

Dirt-cheap AR mags still abound, yet we are on the ragged edge of seeing supply vanish and prices boom. I remember after Sandy Hook seeing people pay $15-20 for standard USGI mags, and $30 and more for Pmags. As of this writing, retail prices are still normal, and if you can lay in a few dozen AR mags of any sort, you’ll be doing yourself a great service.

2. AK mags

While the grand days of inexpensive Combloc surplus AK mags are likely long gone, new production mags, both domestic and imported, can be had fairly cheap, along with drums. Shop around and grab any sub-$10 AK mag you can find.

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Most of the US supply is imported, and easily cut off by an unconstitutional executive order; domestic manufacturers will take time to ramp up production to fill that gap. Make sure to get some AK-74 mags, and a few flavors of .223 mags for the recent Zastava imports.

3. Glock mags

5 Magazines You Better Stockpile In Case Hillary Wins Pick a model. Any model. Just as long as it’s over 10 rounds and fits in a Glock. Probably the single most popular handgun brand in the US, Glocks are everywhere. They are inexpensive, so there is no reason not to make sure you have plenty of spares for your guns. As an added bonus, there are carbines and AR-style rifles built to take Glock mags, which increase their utility.

4. 10/22 mags

The Ruger 10/22 is a fantastic rifle, and during the Clinton ban, basic 25 round 10/22 mags were selling for upwards of $30-$50 each. We are enjoying a golden age for 10/22 hi-cap mags, both factory and aftermarket. My choice would be Ruger branded, but barring that, the classic “steel lips” mags are just as suitable (and a bit cheaper). Grab a handful; not only are they a great way to store .22 ammo (if you can get some!) but also make fantastic trade fodder in a pinch.

5. Mags for your own guns

There are hundreds of types of mags that hold more than 10 rounds, and it’s impossible to do more than pick a handful to stockpile. You probably own at least one gun on this list, and likely own more than one that isn’t. Take care of your guns first, and lay in at least three spares if they are expensive — more if they are inexpensive. While mags can last a long time, they can be lost, confiscated or damaged. If we ever face another mag ban in this country, what you have on hand could be the last high capacity magazines you or your children and grandchildren ever see, outside of what the police and military will be using.

Seriously, Stock Up

The clock is ticking, folks. We are moving closer and closer to the horrifying picture of Hillary Clinton winning the White House, and recent terrorist actions are building support for modern-day gun bans. It is crucial to ensure a lifetime supply of magazines for your guns, and to get a few for trade material.

But remember, even as you stockpile, do so in reason. If you buy 300 AR mags and only one rifle, that’s a lot of mags your fellow Americans may not be able to buy. There is nothing wrong with having a reasonable supply for yourself and a few spares, but once you cross the line into hoarding, you are harming others. Be rational, be cautious and above all else, be prepared.

What advice would you add? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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