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This Is Why Your Stockpile Needs High-Capacity Magazines

Image source: High-Capacity Magazines

High-Capacity Magazines

A while ago I wrote an article discussing how much ammunition survivalists should stockpile. As a bit of a recap, in that article I suggesting buying a minimum of 2,000 rounds of ammunition: 1,000 rounds for practice, and another 1,000 for stockpiling. You can never have enough ammunition, but 2,000 rounds at the minimum is a good guideline.

In that same article, I also briefly mentioned stocking up on magazines. Again, you can never have enough magazines, but I suggested a minimum of six magazines for each magazine-fed weapon.

Here, we’ll combine these two ideas of adequately stocking up on magazines and ammo by discussing magazine capacity. Is magazine capacity important?

Many states have enacted gun control laws that limit magazines to only 10 rounds. Other gun control laws include bans on semi-automatic weapons (so-called “assault weapons”) and stronger background checks. There’s also always the threat of the federal government enacting similar gun control laws on a nationwide scale.

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We live in a modern era where the majority of magazine-fed weapons carry as many as 15, 20, 25 or 30-round magazines. But is magazine capacity really that important? Will things really be worse if you have only 10 rounds in your rifle when you could have had 15 to 30 in your pistol?

The answer is yes: It is.

High-Capacity Magazines

The advantages to having a high capacity magazine over a low- to mid-capacity magazine are worth it. Granted, some small pistols only carry six or seven rounds. But we’ll be talking about larger pistols that carry 15 or more rounds in the magazine, and rifles that carry 20 to 30 rounds.

Using a high-capacity magazine isn’t just so you can put a lot of lead down range. Here are four reasons you should consider a high-capacity magazine:

1. Less Reloading

This one may seem like a “well, duh” reason, but the most obvious reason to having a high-capacity magazine is that you don’t have to reload your weapon as often. It takes more time to shoot 15 to 30 rounds out of your magazine than 10 rounds. You’ll regret it if you find yourself in a survival situation and hadn’t adequately stocked up on high-capacity magazines.

2. Less Magazines Means More Rounds

People who are forced to own 10-round magazines due to the laws of their state have to supplement their loss of ammunition by purchasing more mags. Having 30-round magazines means you can carry the same amount of magazines and triple the ammunition. Why buy a 10-round magazine when you can have a 15- to 30-round one? Buy high-capacity magazines now while you can – before they are banned.

3. Repel Multiple Attackers

Your goal is to protect yourself and your family. Having 15 to 30 rounds in your weapon at a time will exponentially increase your ability to defend your family. You can be the greatest shot in the world, but 10 rounds runs out faster than 15 to 30. Period.

Besides, what if your attackers are equipped with high-capacity magazines themselves? In a situation where you are defending yourself and your family, you do not want to be outgunned.  Having high-capacity magazines is a responsibility you can take to ensure that you won’t be outgunned, which leads us to our final reason. …

4. We Are A Free People

This is the United States of America, and you are a free citizen. Even as the government contemplates from time to time whether to ban high-capacity magazines, and even as some states have already done so, owning high capacity magazines is your right as a free citizen. Does this mean that you have to own high cap mags just because you are a free person? Absolutely not, but it still is an excellent reason — that, of course, brings great responsibility.

Do you own high-capacity magazines? Why or why not? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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