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The New Holster That Fits 150 Modern Pistols

The New Versatile Holster That Fits 150 Modern Pistols

Image source: YouTube screen capture.

If you’ve done any serious pistol training, you know that a good outside-the-waistband holster is a must. By “good,” I mean one that won’t collapse when you remove the gun, and one that has no features that present the opportunity for an unintended discharge upon drawing or re-holstering.

Especially for folks who have several pistols, buying a good holster for each can be a costly and time-consuming proposition. Blackhawk has changed that with their new Omnivore holster.  It’s made of Kydex so won’t collapse when empty, and has no straps or other annoying paraphernalia that can be unsafe. Better yet, it accommodates more than 150 modern pistols, so one holster can serve a whole collection.

There is a catch — well, two, really. The Omnivore only accommodates pistols that have an accessory rail, which is a lot of them, but excludes many small carry guns as well as most 1911s. The other catch is that its custom fit for each gun is simple, but converting it to fit different models can take 10-15 minutes once parts are in hand, and the small parts are easy to lose if one isn’t careful.

Blackhawk thought of everything in this holster’s design. There are right- and left-handed models. There’s a regular model and two that accommodate a light-bearing pistol, suited for the most common lights on the market made by Streamlight and Surefire. If your belt’s a little thinner than the average duty belt, there are tabs to temporarily shorten the belt loop and make for a good fit.

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The Omnivore is a Level 2 holster, meaning one intentional action is required to release the gun from retention. On this holster, that motion is a downward push by the thumb on the draw. With a few minutes of practice, I found this to be comfortable and not interfering with the speed of the draw. Different firearms rest at different heights within the holster, and Blackhawk’s design accommodates this by providing extensions for the lever, all of which are rubber-padded and non-slip.

Retention of the gun inside the Omnivore is secure. To use the holster, it’s necessary to attach a lightweight plate to the rail. Plates come with the holster.  It’s about an inch square and attaches with a single screw. It’s this plate that clicks into place when the gun is inserted into the holster.  This enhances the safety of the setup, as there is no involvement between the trigger guard or any surface the user is touching when drawing or re-holstering.

For light-bearing guns, it’s necessary to adjust the attachment screw on the side of the light to the horizontal position. It’s the groove of the screw head that interlocks with the holster. A push of the thumb lever releases that retention, whether there’s a light on the gun or not.

Fitting the holster to the gun and belt isn’t difficult, and Blackhawk provides a clear instruction manual to assist. It is a bit time-consuming to set up, and the myriad of loose parts could easily be lost.  If I have any criticism of the product, it’s that the inclusion of labeled, sealable parts bags would’ve been a very handy addition. The holster does come in a plastic clamshell case that seals tight, so I swiped some sealable sandwich bags from the kitchen and labeled them to keep unused parts organized.

Black is the only color currently available. The outer surface has smooth edges and textured sides. The texturing eliminates annoying and potentially hazardous glare, and is shallow enough that it’s very easy to wipe clean.

There was a real need for this holster, and Blackhawk met it. From professional departments that need an affordable Level 2 holster, to the owners of multiple guns who don’t want to drop the price of another new gun or more on a holster to fit each one, to instructors who need to equip students with safe range gear for a day, it’s a very practical choice.

Omnivore versatility and safety comes at a very reasonable price. As of this writing, they’re available online from a surprisingly low $14.99, up to $49.99. Before purchasing, it’s a good idea to check out Blackhawk’s extensive list of the pistols it accommodates, and be sure you’re looking at the Omnivore list and not their somewhat easier-to-find list for older models.  If you’re in a hurry, be assured the Omnivore will fit nearly all full-size pistols with a rail, including the major brands’ currently manufactured models.

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