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10 Easy-To-Grow Vegetables For A Fool-Proof Harvest

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There is nothing like eating produce grown from your very own garden. If you are a beginner, however, or want to involve the children, you may want to have some guaranteed success. Look for some easy-to-grow vegetables. These will make the experience fun, and not too labor intensive. So let’s take a look at some of the most fun, colorful and easiest-to-grow veggies. Not only are they easy to grow, but this list is cost-effective, too.

1. Carrots — This vegetable prefers full sun and loose, deep, moist but well-drained, sandy soil. Carrots can handle partial shade. They may not grow large if in rocky soil. Do not over-fertilize. You can eat carrots either cooked or raw, making them a favorite in the garden.

2. Onions – You can plant onions by seeds, but it takes longer. Most gardeners plant sets or “bulblets.” Onions need well-drained soil, and they do well with a helping of good manure. You can even use the green shoots in salads.

3. Lettuce and Greens – You will be able to plant lettuce and similar greens in early spring, or fall, since they can handle cooler temperatures. You can plant lettuce every two weeks if you wish to have a continuous harvest.

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Lettuce is easy to harvest as you only need to pick or snip the leaves you need. It takes up little space and can live in partial shade.

4. Beans – Any beans, especially green beans, love full sun, well-drained soil and warm temperatures. Be sure there is no chance of frost when you plant beans. This vegetables is great for small areas as it can be grown on trellises or poles. It is fun to harvest as well.

5. Peppers – Peppers have a long growing season, so you want to plant as soon as you can but only after the frost is gone. They love warm to hot temperatures and moist soil. There are endless varieties, flavors and colors. Peppers can be grown in the garden, on stakes or even in containers.

6. Peas – With so many varieties, you will never get bored with growing peas. You should plant them in early spring. Peas like moist soil but not soaked. They are edible raw or cooked. You can put them in salads, other dishes or even eat on their own. Peas are a hardly legume but it doesn’t do well in hot and dry weather.



7. Zucchini – Warm temperatures, moist soil and plenty of sun are the favorites of the Zucchini vegetable. You can grow this vegetable from seeds or plant seedlings.

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Because it is a prolific grower, one or two plants are usually enough for a garden. You can eat the blossoms as well as the fruit.

8. Tomatoes – Here is one of the most popular garden vegetables. They love heat and good, moist soil with lots of sun. They can be grown in gardens, trellises or containers. Tomatoes will last all summer until the first frost. Here’s a tip: Plant basil by your tomatoes to deter pests!

9. Cucumbers – This is another vegetable that should only be planted once the threat of frost is totally gone. It loves full sun, warm temperatures and regular watering. Cucumbers can be grown in gardens, on trellises or in containers. There are many different varieties, and all seem to be very disease resistant.

10. Radishes – Radishes are considered “the easiest” garden vegetable to grow. Early spring (or fall) is the time to plant this colorful, zesty vegetable. It sprouts quickly, and only takes four to five weeks (approximately 20 days) to fully grow. You can grow radishes by seeds or plant seedlings; they tend to do well either way.

Growing your own vegetables is healthier for you and your family than simply buying them in the store. You will know exactly what is going into the soil and growing process. You can keep the garden as organic as you wish. Not only is it healthier, but it is also better for the environment and your pocket book — and has educational opportunities for your children.

By planting even a few of these vegetables, you are guaranteed a colorful and full garden. Enjoy yourself during the growing season and be ready to experience the flavor of your produce when the vegetables ripen. When planting easy-to grow vegetables, you and your family will be able to savor the taste of fresh, home-grown produce with little stress and worry.

What would you add to the list? Share your thoughts in the section below:

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