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4 Mil plastic: Visqueen plastic roll Many uses for the prepper!

February 7, 2014

Visqueen plastic roll Many uses for the prepper! This was a 4 mil roll of plastic.

Had My SHTF when we lost some windows in sub zero wind storm. including nearly the frames! I realized how valuable the plastic is. Hope this video gives you some ideas. Thanks.

Preppers love this stuff: Hiking, camping, campers, RV cabin in the woods farm SUV pickup truck “clean drinking water” “water filters” “RO water” off grid survivalist don’t worry about an EMP, they have emp proof cars or trucks. The duramax powerstroke cummins 6.5 detroit electronic “diesel engines” will fail in an EMP. 6.2, 6.5, 5.9 Cummins and all other mechanically injected turbo diesels that are ready for the big event! Ready for December 21st 2012 12/21/2012 Don’t worry the doomsdayers will get it wrong! AND THEY DID! God is still in control! The bible is just as relivant as 1000 years ago.
We love our hardware:Guns, knives bobcat skidsteer chain saws
terex new holland construction equipment Caterpillar volvo off grid diesel generator slow speed metro lister listeroid All that stuff Macgyver would use inland duct tape 4 everything dig a cave underground with solar power and burning a fire to keep warm. EMP electro magnetic pulse is what a powerless government will use as a extreme measure. Then we will have to hide in our big wine cellar or underground shipping container in the woods. We will have to go hunting and start using our hidden grain storage knive knives gun & ammo for the ak47. The military m6 tank, aircraft with night vision thermal vision hardware will bag suburban living & cities. We are preceived more dangerous! Oh and when marshall law starts, we need these things too: “bug out bag” “bug out vehicle” BOV even an armored car for our money gold and silver. Preppers survive because of being ready and fitness. Also we do need to play: Recreation like Disney movies a hamburger on the BBQ grill a deer shot ,pheasant, ice cream…all the good stuff. Girls clothes, shoes, heels, designer dress, all that fufu stuff is done for. Basic necessities good bad ugly food clothing shelter, companion friends that God loves, the bible and our faith in Jesus Christ. He died for your sins. Bible study & fellowship is important, keep it up no matter what! Homesteader needs to be homesteading & homeschooling their little ones. Bus or RV converted to a bug out vehicle BOV. A cabin in the woods is a retreat a hidden home All these things are important to some, some are important to all.

Video courtesy of ETprepper

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