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Diary of a Survivalist- Bugging Out Part 1

October 22, 2012

The purpose of this video is to demonstrate how easily someone can survive with all the equipment they needed in an average sized military ruck sack. This trip is not to demonstrate how well you can survive with nothing but your knife! All of SIGMA 3’s instructors are completely capable of surviving with nothing but that takes a significant amount of training. I’ve heard all the arguments about prepping vs survivalism. But prepping does nothing but make you dependent on your own preparations instead of the systems. Which inherently makes you a target, I don’t care how well your preps are hidden and how well you have planned, you are still vulnerable because of your dependence upon your stored goods. Whereas with survivalism and living off the land there is no situation that I can imagine short of the end of the world as we know it that a trained person would not be able to live off the land. Yes I understand that large game and potentially small game would be largely wiped out in certain areas fairly quickly but there will never be a shortage of bugs, rats, wild edibles, and many other less flattering sources of calories. If all the following is eliminated then you can bet that no one will survive. Because if the roaches and rats don’t make it nether will we, so short of those contingencies there are no other situations that a person could no sustain themselves from the land.

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